Friday, June 18, 2021


– After all the rumors, questions and pressure, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have officially decided to divorce. They decided to part ways on Nov. 23, saying in a statement that it was a mutual agreement. Lachey is quickly working to up his star status, which has been waning in recent years, as he prepares to star in a new comedy for the WB as a baseball star trying to survive a new marriage. Representatives for the show say the comedy will be considered for the 2006 fall season and shooting will begin in April.

– Black Sabbath was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame this month. The group was first nominated in 1996, but after a nomination in 1999, frontman Ozzy Osbourne requested the band be taken off the list of nominees, saying the nomination is not worthwhile because, “it’s not voted on by the fans.” Regardless, Osbourne allowed the band to be accepted into the Hall of Fame this year. Black Sabbath performed at the ceremony where Osbourne celebrated the occasion by mooning the audience.

– The battle of the Simons has ended, and neither has come out victorious. Apparently Simon Cowell, rude judge of “American Idol,” and Simon Fuller, “Idol” producer, have settled their $170 million dispute out of court. The argument stemmed from Fuller’s accusation that Cowell copied the idea for his show, “The X Factor,” from Fuller’s “American Idol.” Cowell maintained that the two shows are completely different. Now that the Simons are friends once again, they plan to team up for upcoming projects.

– Pat Morita, the Oscar-nominated Mr. Miyagi of “The Karate Kid” films, died Thursday at the age of 73. Born June 28, 1932, Morita dealt with hardships, including a bout of spinal tuberculosis and time in an internment camp during World War II. He began his career doing comedy, and appeared on “The Tonight Show” in the 1960s. His many appearances on television included a guest spot on “Sanford and Son” and his time as the unintelligible Arnold on “Happy Days.” As the 5-foot-3-inch man said, “My fame is largely due to young people, they’re the first ones to discover me.”

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