Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Audrey Levine

mtvU invasion brings more than just music

The music blared around campus from the Packer Hall parking lot, drawing students into the fun and festivities of mtvU's 2006 Campus Invasion Tour. The tour, which kicked off on Tuesday at the College, began with an interactive village that invited students to compete in music games and compete for prizes, including money and a car.

Sodexho responds to main break

Sodexho managers addressed student concerns about Eickhoff Hall's water main break during their Dining Services committee meeting on March 8. When a leak was reported outside the Marketplace Convenience Store on March 6, the water had to be shut off in the building to repair the damage.

Greeks sing for charity

On Saturday, Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity and Kappa Delta Sorority cosponsored TCNJ Making the Band in the Cromwell Lounge. During the event, which attracted more than 100 people, participating fraternities and sororities competed with each other to prove they were the best performers.

Poet returns to College

At the final event for the Visiting Writers Series (VWS) this semester, Robyn Art will be coming to the College today at 3 p.m. in the New Library Auditorium. The award-winning poet took time to answer questions about her inspirations, awards and teaching at the College.

Editor uses experience to advise

Katy McColl, senior editor and writer for "JANE" magazine, understands the difficulty in finding a journalism job. She also understands the customs on an Indian reservation in Montana. And all of this she has put to good use throughout her career. On Dec.

Graduate looks for fame with premiere film

Students graduate from the College and, hopefully, they go on to fame and fortune. It seems Peter Matkiwsky, a recent graduate from the College, is doing just that with the premiere of his first movie, "The Bonnie Situation." The film is about a man looking for love in all the wrong places until he sees it in a local woman who may not be everything she seems.


- About 150 fourth graders were invited to the White House to watch members of the American Ballet Theatre perform the Nutcracker in the East Room. The children, all sons and daughters of soldiers fighting overseas, sat with President George W. Bush and First Lady, Laura Bush as the dancers performed and Santa Claus visited with the children.

Cancelation looms for reverend, dysfunctional family

You can either love them or hate them, but if you don't watch, there is no one else to blame. That's right, with the end of the first half of the television season comes the lineup of canceled shows across the networks. Besides several that were canceled within the first few weeks of the season (case in point, "Head Cases" on FOX), many have recently announced their cancelation effective at the end of their ordered seasons.


- After all the rumors, questions and pressure, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have officially decided to divorce. They decided to part ways on Nov. 23, saying in a statement that it was a mutual agreement. Lachey is quickly working to up his star status, which has been waning in recent years, as he prepares to star in a new comedy for the WB as a baseball star trying to survive a new marriage.

‘Forget regret’ as the stage turns to cinema

"No other path / no other way / no day but today." Classic words. Inspirational words. The theme of the late Jonathan Larson's masterpiece, "Rent," which, after 10 years and counting on the Broadway stage, is moving to the big screen with an adaptation opening Nov.


He played new music and songs from his old album, and covered the hits of Smokey Robinson and Sam Cook. And he did it all to thunderous applause from the audience. "I challenge any of those punk-ass rock bands to play any of this shit," he yelled out to the audience, guitar in hand.

Award-winning trumpeter jazzes up Kendall

He walked out onto the stage with his trumpet in hand. As he began whistling, four people followed behind him, stomping their feet as they took their positions on the stage. Suddenly, the room erupted in the sounds of the bass and drums and the whistling crescendoed.

Row shares passion for teaching, reading

The Visiting Writer Series (VWS) continues with a reading from author and Montclair University professor Jess Row at 3 p.m. today in the New Library Auditorium. He took some time out of his busy schedule to share insights about college students and New York City culture.

Film is epitome of controversial newsroom drama

With the ever-continuing box office slump, movie-goers have begun to question if a loss in originality is to blame for a general lack of enthusiasm about going to the cinemas. If the recent influx of biopics and other films "based on real events" is any indication, they are not wrong.

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