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Graduate looks for fame with premiere film

Students graduate from the College and, hopefully, they go on to fame and fortune. It seems Peter Matkiwsky, a recent graduate from the College, is doing just that with the premiere of his first movie, “The Bonnie Situation.”

The film is about a man looking for love in all the wrong places until he sees it in a local woman who may not be everything she seems. It will premiere at Tribeca Cinemas on Friday. In the spring, the College Union Board (CUB) will premiere the film for the campus community.

Audrey Levine: Why did you decide to enter the field of directing?

Peter Matkiwsky: I’m a writer, but directing was something I always wanted to do. I always wanted to have control and directing was the obvious next step.

AL: Where did you get the idea for “The Bonnie Situation?”

PM: When I was in college, I drew from stories from my friends. I drew from everything I knew. I mean, who hasn’t had a breakup? This was actually my senior practicuum with Terrence Byrne, (professor of communications).

AL: How did you go about developing this project?

PM: I went on the Internet and put out ads on and Craig’s List. I got about 600 responses and held auditions. I was able to cast everyone in a week. People who shouldn’t have worked for a kid right out of college liked the script and did it for half the price they should have worked for. Everyone contributed above and beyond.

AL: How do you feel about the upcoming premiere?

PM: I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’ve never had my work shown on that level. There will be 230 people, it will be on a marquee at Tribeca Cinemas. Agents and movie companies will be there. I’m hoping for positive feedback.

AL: What do you hope for the future of the film?

PM: The next step is to get the film into festivals, like Tribeca or Williamstown. I’m not shopping it, but I will try to show it everywhere.

AL: What do you hope for your future?

PM: I developed a good rapport with the cast and crew and now I’m writing a second one. I’m looking to show people what I did with $27,000; maybe people will want to give me more. I will make the next one a slam-dunk.

AL: How does it feel to have the film premiere at the College?

PM: I’m excited. I’d love for my old professors to see it and tell me what they think. I hope we get a good turnout.


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