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Kills’ new release is dirty pop for a new era of angst

The Kills
“Blood Pressure”

By Desmond Clark
WTSR Assistant Music Director

Seriously, “Blood Pressure” is great.

As always, the chemistry between singer Allison “VV” Mosshart and guitarist Jamie “Hotel” Hince is perfect. Her singing backed by his low rumble of a whisper along with his guitar make for good music. It’s very steady rock with a noticeable blues influence, but at times you can hear a little bit of a different sound such as in “Wild Charms,” which is only Hotel singing his quiet song with very calm, almost dreamy, music. Other times it sounds a little more on the poppy side. No joke, “Nail In My Coffin” sounds like a dirty pop song.

For those of you who have never heard of The Kills, you might be familiar with VV’s other work. VV is the lead singer of another project called The Dead Weather, which is a side project of Jack White, former frontman of The White Stripes. However, if you have heard of The Dead Weather, don’t be turned off if you have this preconceived notion that Mosshart will scare you with her vocals. This one’s a bit more upbeat.

Key Tracks: “Nail in my Coffin” and “Baby Says”


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