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Multiple Matts jam at Rat

By Jennifer Bruckstein

Guitarist Mike Baron (left) accompanied Matt Koziol (right), one-fourth of the Matt contingent that rocked the Rathskeller on last Friday’s Matt at the Rat Night. (Janika Berridge / Staff Photographer)

“Four Matts walk into the Rathskeller” might sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but on Friday, April 15, it was actually the Rat’s musical lineup.

The headliner of the night was Matt Santry,  a  pop singer/songwriter from Philadelphia. When he creates his songs, he tries to write about what he “feels and what people can relate to,” he said. For instance, a song called “I Just Blinked” from his new CD ponders how life seems to go by in the blink of an eye.

His first CD, “Rising Son,” came out in September 2005, and his newest CD, “Tin Ace City,” came out in August 2010.

Matt Koziol, a singer/songwriter from Linden, New Jersey, sang and played the acoustic guitar. Other members of his band, Shannon Corey, Mike Baron and Salvo Rametta, also performed with him. He said that he has loved music ever since he was eight and found out who Elvis Presley was.

Koziol said during an interview that he enjoys performing at colleges because he can make jokes and references to movies and shows from his childhood. Among the songs he played were  a cover of  “Doubting Thomas” by Nickel Creek, which he said he always dedicates to his brother.

Koziol has recorded three EPs — “Good Man Down,” “Grace Matters” and “Live: From Union.” His newest album is called “Heart on the Line.”

The next act of the night was Matt Huston, junior journalism major and Signal News Editor, who accompanied himself on the acoustic guitar. He performed “Barracuda” and “In Disguise,” which is about “superficiality and facades,” he said.

Huston said

he writes songs by coming up with the chords and melody first and the chorus later.

Opening up the show was Matt Mance, freshman communication studies major and Signal photographer.

He sang and played the keyboard, covering Jack’s Mannequin’s “Holiday from Real” and performing  an original song, “Feathers,” by his band Gianna’s Sweet Debut.

Mance said that his band, which started about two years ago, will be playing in Drexel University’s Battle of the Bands. They have also been working on making a CD, and plan to release a single by May.


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