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A different perspective on psychedelics

By Richard Schultz

The world I have grown up in is not the world I learned of as a child. A great amount of time and effort (amounting to money) has gone into conditioning me into a person that breaks no laws and isn’t a weight on the system. Some of my clearest memories of Yardville elementary school can be attributed to the D.A.R.E anti-drug campaign.

I recall quite clearly Officer Ralph bringing in all kinds of drugs for us to see and explain how they are bad and lead to bad things. Since that time my perception of the “bad drugs” has changed irreversibly.The area of psychedelic drugs has become one of my grandest reversals and has become one of my largest areas of personal study. This is largely due to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which I credit with much of the teaching that has woken up my perception to all things positive in drugs and philosophy.

I recommend all to listen with an open mind. Psychedelic drug use, whether it is DMT, LSD, or Ayahuasca (pronounced I-O-Waska), has been a part of humanity as far back as it goes. There is even evidence that it may have caused the evolution of humanity, thanks to a ton of work done by Graham Hancock. These drugs have been drilled into my mind as dangerous and unpredictable. I agree they are indeed dangerous, though only because they are unpredictable. The positive aspects to the drugs have been overlooked to an extent that the punishments for just having possession have far exceeded any damage that is done.

I could not describe in any language the positive aspects of these drugs, for those that have experienced know that it is a world unlike anything. At the same time it is important to maintain that many of these drugs should not be used irresponsibly, these instead should be used as tools to make adjustments on one’s own personal issues. What they allow you to do is to make an ego-free observation and provide the user with a sense of understanding the true way of the world. These drugs have helped people such as Joe Rogan, Steve Jobs, Aldous Huxley and Bill Gates, and the list could continue.

The point we have reached in our society, helped along by the progress of prominent minds enlightened through the use of psychedelic drugs, is the point where the ill-perception of these medicines has to change.
We have laws already in place to deter people from abhorrent behavior; we do NOT need laws in place to dictate how we can or cannot alter our consciousness. Altering consciousness should be an inalienable right, given to all people.

That being said, the alternative could be shamanic centers spread all over, with people experienced in the use of the drug or drugs who supply the community with spiritual guidance and safety that is not easily found today. The effects of the drugs on society would not fill our prisons as they do now, but promote happiness, creativity and infinite possibilities of who we are and where it is we truly come from.



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