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Baked goods to-go join locally grown produce

Locally grown fruits and vegetables can be found in the Eickhoff dining hall, supporting Sodexo’s mission of rewarding environmentally friendly farmers. (Photo Courtesy of Seiichi Villalona)

By Jack Meyers

Sodexo, the College’s food supplier, is offering new options for its dining community.

For one, the Bliss Bakery-to-go option was implemented this semester, following the renovation of Eickhoff Hall last year. This delivery service is the company’s innovative spin on a Wegman’s and Whole Foods concept that caters to both students and their parents at home.

“If they wanted to get pastries and cakes for parties and events, we had an easy way to provide it for them,” said Karen Roth, director of Dining Services.

Items available for purchase include a 10-inch double layer round cake, for which customers are able to choose between vanilla and chocolate frosting and cake flavors.

A dozen cupcakes costs $10.99 and cereal treats — Rice Krispie, Fruit Loops or Cocoa Puffs — cost $7.80 for a dozen.

A strawberry shortcake is $34.99, and a carrot cake with cream cheese icing costs $29.99.

For $19.29, a cookie cake is accompanied by a half gallon of milk.

All of the cakes can have inscriptions written on them as well.

Roth said the company’s aim is to make these services affordable to students. In addition to desserts, cereals and even balloons that are at comparable prices with local stores, each order includes a set of paper goods, including plates, napkins and utensils.

Joshua Lewkowicz, freshman interactive multimedia major, said, “It’s a fun way to surprise friends, cater an event or treat yourself to a snack.” He went on to admit to not having tried the service himself, but stated that it was certainly a viable option for the future.

“I don’t think a lot of people know about it,” said Seul-Bi Lee, freshman communication studies major.

Nonetheless, Roth said many students are ordering cupcakes for their friends, and even parents have ordered food for their children to pick up at the College.

“We try do the best we can to engage the community,” Roth said.

Sodexo does not solely focus on the health benefits of the food that they supply the College, representatives said — they also focus on community.

“Nutrition is the basics,” said John Higgins, general manager of Dining Services. “But I feel like our role is much greater than that.”

The Bliss Bakery now has a to-go option, where cookies and cupcakes can be custom ordered and made for students on campus. (Photo Courtesy of Seiichi Villalona)

Sodexo “is committed to improving the quality of daily life for people,” according to its website. One of the ways the company accomplishes this is by “rewarding farmers who produce food in environmentally friendly and socially responsible ways.”

Many of the fresh products College students are eating at Eickhoff are grown on and purchased from local farms.

“They’re crazy about the green beans here,” said Bessie Gardner, five-year veteran of Sodexo.

Both students and employees find the tastes and benefits satisfying.

Veronica Cogdell, who has been working at the College since February, said she’s a fan of the peaches.

Danielle Blackmore, a freshman English major and self-proclaimed health-food junkie,  said she thoroughly enjoys the fruit cups that are served at Bliss Bakery. The miniature silver or glass goblets typically hold cantaloupe, oranges, pineapples and grapes.

“I like them because of the variety,” she said, “and the fact that they are locally grown.”


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