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Going Greek: Healthy Snack Attacks

(Brittany Schenke / Columnist)

By Brittany Schenke

As students at the College, we all have busy class schedules that are sandwiched between long hours at the library and extracurricular activities, so it is easy to forget about one of the more important facets of your life: nutrition.

Eating right is harder to consider when you are surrounded by places that offer chips and candy at the mere swipe of an ID card. But at one point or another you have probably asked yourself, “Isn’t there something else?”

Greek yogurt is a delicious alternative to those chocolaty, salty midnight snacks, and the best thing is, you can find Greek yogurt at most of the eateries on campus. Grab a yogurt for breakfast from the Lion’s Den or from the C-Store for when you are on the run in between classes.

Not only is it portable, but its thick, creamy texture will make your taste buds go crazy. The variety of flavors, ranging from honey to blueberry, will make you think you are just enjoying something rich and sweet, when in actuality, you are doing much, much more for your overall health.

Yogurt in general is a great source of calcium, protein, phosphorus and iodine, all of which the typical college student is deficient in. It is also primarily composed of live-active bacterial cultures, which studies have shown boost your immune system. So use yogurt as a protein powerhouse to increase your energy to finish out those all-nighters or to simply spice up your diet.

Yogurt also lowers levels of hydrogen sulfide, which is produced by consuming most foods and is commonly responsible for bad breath.
Here are a few ways to enjoy a Greek yogurt without getting bored:

•  Add some walnuts, almonds or granola.

•  Cut up some apples and bananas to dip into one of your favorite Greek yogurts.

•  Make it a meal: hummus/pretzels and Greek Yogurt, cheese/grapes and Greek Yogurt.


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