Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Campus Style

(Photo courtesy of Albert Matlock)

By Albert Matlock

Anthony Grullon,
senior  electrical engineering major

What are you wearing?
A striped crewneck T-shirt, a herringbone utility shirt, 501 Levi’s jeans, naval anchor socks, desert boots with my own navy blue laces and a brown leather Timex watch.

How would you describe your style?
I’d say it’s classic American intermixed with urban and prep. My style has been influenced by different parts of my life. The classic American look comes from my pops.  The urban feel comes from growing up in a city, so hoodies, jeans, a hat and sneakers were my usual wardrobe.  The touch of prep, well, I just love everything about it: letterman patches, the colors, elbow patches, club collars … I can go on for days.

Where do you like to shop?
“The Crew,” Gap, Banana Republic, Polo Ralph Lauren, yet I rarely frequent the mall. I usually have in mind something I’m searching for so I’ll just directly visit the store or go online.

Do you have a favorite item of clothing or accessory?

My leather Timex watch is by far my favorite accessory. I don’t own many accessories, but the ones I do have are all my favorites. I also like things that get overlooked such as socks, undershirts and hats. Small details make a big difference.

Where does inspiration for your style come from?
I’m inspired by classic American looks. I want to continue to add to my wardrobe rather than reinvent it. I have an appreciation for classic clothes that look better with time.

Are there any fashion blogs in particular that you follow?,,,,, and RL’s Rugby blog.

Do you have any fashion secrets or tips?
Invest in clothes that get better with time. Never throw clothes out, because you can always use them down the road. An old shirt can be turned into a handkerchief or a patch for a pair of pants. I have tons of clothes that are in my room that I just can’t get rid of because I still see life in them.

Do you have any fashion mishaps?
My pockets and sleeves always get caught on doorknobs. It’s almost as if doorknobs and I are the perfect height. They’re the death of my clothes, ruining jacket pockets, two pairs of khakis and a hoodie.



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