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Home News Chemical odor in Armstrong sends employee to hospital

Chemical odor in Armstrong sends employee to hospital

Chemical odors from the Armstrong Hall roof replacement project, seen in progress here, sent a College employee to the hospital on Oct. 18. (Tom O'Dell / Photo Editor)

By Adrienne Slaght

An employee from the College was taken to the hospital on Oct. 18 after inhaling a chemical odor that entered Armstrong Hall as the result of a roof replacement project.

According to Stacy Schuster, executive director of College Relations, “all the proper precautions were taken with regard to closing off intakes from HVAC units, but the odor from the adhesive apparently still entered the building. The work was immediately stopped and the building was aired out.”

Senior engineering major Louie Hernandez said he was  “unaware of the situation,” but suspected something when he noticed large fans placed in Armstrong’s hallways.

The adhesive released into the building was rated low-VOC, short for Volatile Organic Compound, which is expected to release a minimal level of gases, according to Schuster.

The name of the individual has not been released. Schuster said that she is unaware of any lawsuits being filed in relation to this incident.


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