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No extinction in sight for Pterodactyl’s new album

By Shannon Junior
WTSR Assistant Music Director

For its past two albums, Pterodactyl has proven to be mischievously experimental and unpredictable with its music composition.       

Since its entry into the indie scene in 2007, the Brooklyn-based duo has not only been able to capture the serene and darker sides of progressive rock, but has also mastered the more cheery elements of indie pop. This third album is no exception: In just one song, the duo is able to create a certain “bell-curve” of sounds between the upbeat and the dark. It’s as if they record with their ukulele, megaphone  and old-school Kawasaki in a dark, drab abandoned warehouse; there is that sharp of a contrast between dark and light.

Although the transitions within songs may not be as smooth as possible, this is a great and relaxing album, perfect for a chilly fall day.


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