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A new band shows its Wise side

By Shannon Junior
WTSR Assistant Music Director

The 21-year-old Pittsburgh native, Chris Laufman, is the heart and soul of Wise Blood. His goal for this EP was to incorporate many songs into one short album, just as multiple instruments blend to create a single song. This 17-minute dose of abstract beats combines elements of progressive rock, electronica and even classic 80s rock, but the best part of this album is undoubtedly the lyricism and vocals. Laufman has an awesomely eerie voice, and he is able to inject humor into his words about life and love.

Although Wise Blood is relatively new to the music world, Laufman has been quickly recognized; he appeared at CMJ 2011 and in the New York Times, was featured as one week’s Popcast. With a unique sound such as this, Wise Blood is looking ahead to even more double-takes from listeners, especially with future releases.

Focus Tracks: “Darlin’ You’re Sweet,” “I’m Losing my Mind,” “Nosferatu, Penthouse Suites”


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