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Campus Style: Sporty, bold styles shine bright in the new year

By Victoria Moorhouse 

Take a chance with a new style, like this sporty Lacoste outfit. (

Everyone wants to start off the new year with a bang, so the dawning of 2012 is the prime time to make an upgrade or expand your personal style. 

Most resolutions crumble within the first couple of weeks and it’ll be easy to resort back to the same “college hoodie” ensemble after a week’s worth of 8 a.m. classes.  

With this year’s trends, you won’t want to slip back into the rut of sweatpants. It’s a fresh semester, so here’s to a new year in the fashion department. 

• Out with the Old – At least some of it anyway. If you haven’t worn last year’s trendy jumpsuit for over nine months, it’s time to toss it. Chances are, you won’t wear it again. A clean closet lets you concentrate on the pieces that truly define your personal style. So donate the unworn and make more room for your Black Friday purchases. 

Sportswear Without the Sweat – There’s no pain to this fashion gain.  One of the biggest spring trends dawning the runways is sporty inspired clothing with light flexible fabrics. Pairing a structured, detailed zip-up or athletic-inspired pullover with a white tee, jeans and flats is a way to give off a low-maintenance vibe without looking lazy. Top designers like Lacoste and Rag & Bone displayed these looks in their 2012 spring collections. 

• Play with Pastels Although January doesn’t exactly scream spring, clothing retailers set their stores up for it. This year, try to incorporate more delicate, ethereal pastels into your clothing color palate. Light pinks, yellows and greens are great to pair with neutral winter clothing. Think about a bowl of light and airy sherbet for inspiration. 

Time to Shine – This year, give yourself time to plan out what you will wear. Clothes that look cute on hangers sometimes don’t do your body much justice. The night before, try on your outfit and lay out your clothes for the next day. Just like most skills, successful styling takes practice and time.  

Take a Risk – There isn’t a bigger fashion mistake than dressing head-to-toe in risk. Trends are meant to be dabbled in. If the trend is 1920s inspired clothing and you’re walking down the street as a flapper, you missed the mark. Pair trends with classic, timeless pieces.  

• Make Some Goals – If you are a fan of ultra-feminine fashion like lace and florals, but are too intimidated to try it out, don’t be. Everyone has to experiment to figure out what he or she is most comfortable in, what defines them, and how to wear it. Make yourself a goal of wearing one thing outside your comfort zone a week. If you feel good wearing it, you may be more inclined to show off similar styles more regularly. 

Be Bold – Bold florals and prints are a great way to instantly add pizzazz to any ensemble. Many high fashion designers’ spring collections are centered around larger-than-life prints. Thanks to affordable retailers like Urban Outfitters and Forever21, those on a college budget can play around with the trend as well. When striving for this look, start with a statement piece like a pencil skirt. Center your outfit around that piece, using simple tops, blazers and tights to help enhance it. Anthropologie sells clothing based off of artists’ photography. It’s a simple way to say a whole lot. 

By keeping this New Year’s resolution intact, you’ll be well on your way to a more stylish semester.


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