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Eickhoff rocks black history

Students dine on Black History Month-themed cuisine at the College's in Eickhoff Hall.

By Jacqia Scotton

The Black Student Union sponsored a delicious event in the atrium at Eickhoff on Wednesday, Feb. 8, which celebrated Black History Month with traditional African American foods.

Balloons bearing colors of red, green and black were placed all around Eickhoff, and music by African American artists like Maxwell and Aaliyah was played. Posters of prominent figures in Black history were also positioned around the atrium.

“The Black History Month Dinner is an annual collaboration between the Black Student Union and TCNJ Sodexo staff,” said senior BSU president and psychology and women’s and gender studies double major Lynette Barnes. “Every member of the campus community enjoys this small part of Black History Month.”

Among the food served was Cajun catfish, candied yams, jerk pork loin, mashed potatoes, collard greens, roast beef po’boys and more.

The 91.3 Wokery shut down its usual production, in favor of jollof rice with beef okra and tomatoes.

Additionally, some of the food served at the event had ties to the South, such as the barbeque pulled pork, black-eyed pea soup and hush puppies.

“The collard greens and okra really reminded me of my family’s cooking in Tennessee,” sophomore sociology major Brittany Grayson said.

As more people poured into Eickhoff, entrées frequently ran out, and students had a lot to say about the meal.  “Everything is better than usual,” sophomore criminology major Joe Gilmore said. “Eickhoff really stepped up their game for Black History Month.”

Students were also happy to see the College celebrating black culture. “I really appreciate that the school is celebrating black history. It doesn’t give a full insight, but it gives people a chance to see a part of the black culture,” said sophomore secondary education and math double major Roger Barrett.

Desserts featured included Mississippi Mud Cake, banana bread and sweet potato pie. “The banana bread was a nice finish to the night,” Gilmore said.



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