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Battling and hoping for a timeslot … on WTSR

By Lea Chin

Student bands and outside acts battled it out at the Rat on Saturday, Feb. 18 to win more airtime on WTSR. (Andrew Bak / Staff Photographer)

With a show full of trumpets, classic rock and rap, WTSR and CUB Rat executed a successful battle on Saturday, Feb. 18 in the Rathskeller.

Bands featured during Battle of the Bands included DRT, Wrong Answer, The Dundees and The Elwood James Band.

Student band The Dundees won a high rotation on WTSR, meaning they will be played six to seven times per day. Runner -up Wrong Answer won low rotation on the station and will be played three to four times per day.

Strutting around on stage with high energy, DRT started the event off with rap.

A member of DRT who calls himself iAMPunchline said, “When I’m onstage, I feel like I’m in my own world.”

The group performed “Pain,” a song about hitting rock bottom when feeling down, and finished with “What’s Your Area,” which according to member MoneyVanGogh dealt with “where you’re from, where you rep and where you were brought up.”

The eight-man band Wrong Answer, consisting of a medley of brass, strings, keyboards and drums, induced the audience into a toe-tapping disposition with their distinctive and upbeat sound.

The band had a Streetlight Manifesto-esque feel to them as they jammed out on stage and made the audience laugh as the sax player and baritone horn player pretended to play air guitar with their instruments.

They played songs: “Looking Fine,” “Buffalo,” “Don’t Say Baby” and “Best Night of My Life.”

Vocalist and guitarist, Brian Chesney, sophomore music education major said, “The last song’s about the summer after we were freshmen in high school.”

The third band to play, The Dundees, had a rugged rock sound. Songs included “Ford Explorer,” which the band explained as “the opposite of a love song.”

Sophomore philosophy major Matt Howard and sophomore math major Matt Layton said, “we’ve been supporters of the band for around two years now.”

Sounding like they stepped out of the ’80s, The Elwood James Band had a classic rock vibe.  They played songs such as “Nobody Rolls,” which according to members of the band, is a tribute song to Muddy Waters, Sam Cooke and Sunny Boy Williamson and “Silver and Gold,” a song about succeeding in the music industry.

Fan-based voting was key. Votes were a dollar each and anyone could vote up to 10 times.


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