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Do you ever look into your closet and find yourself thinking that you have absolutely nothing to wear, regardless of the fact that your closet is bursting at its seams?

Many great leaders have sources of inspiration, whether it is a beloved family figure or the mathematical genius, Albert Einstein. Sometimes, it’s just necessary to turn to them. So, to escape the fashion version of writer’s block, it may be helpful to turn to expert sources in the art of dressing by visiting blogs.

If it isn’t an “online-diary” version of a blog, these web pages can be a gold mine of DIYs, thoughtful concepts and outfit inspirations for any season. Here are a few to type in while surfing the web:

The Sartorialist

Think of a city filled with couture and fashionistas and Scott Schuman, the author of The Sartorialist probably has it covered. From Milan to Paris to N.Y., the blog is filled with photographs of notable fashion figures, models decked out in designer ensembles and locals flaunting their style amongst the busy streets. Because this blog focuses on locals, it gives readers of any age and gender realistic inspiration for daywear and a look into others’ personal style.

Visit it at

Above is just a sample from the blogs that inspire fashion and style. (

A Cup of Jo

This blog is a treasure chest of thoughtful ideas and finds. The author of the blog, Joanna Goddard, posts links and photos of newly found articles of clothing, home ware items, delicious food and restaurants in New York City, and even reports on personal topics that many can relate to. With a little of this and that, it’s the equivalent to a well-balanced meal.

Visit it at

MLOVESM and Keiko Lynn

Ever wonder how someone decides what to wear in the morning or where that floral blouse or dark jeans were purchased? Those with that thought in mind may be drawn to check out fashion bloggers. Both MLOVESM and Keiko Lynn are fashion blogs with a concentration on the ladies’ personal outfit choices. Readers are informed of where the clothes are from, how the bloggers decided what to wear and bits of information about the look or beauty choices.

Visit them at and

Snippet & Ink and 100LayerCake

Although many college students won’t be hearing wedding bells for a while, wedding blogs are a great source of inspiration for pairing unexpected color choices together. Snippet & Ink features a section entitled “Inspiration Boards” that groups together photos with complementary colors and ideas around a general theme. Both sites occasionally post fashion accessory DIYs that can easily be made and incorporated into any wardrobe.

Visit them at and

Though different, these addresses are all residences of style and great sources of inspiration.


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