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Campus Style: Symptoms of spring fever

For the amount of sandals, short-shorts and sunglasses that were flaunted across campus over the past two weeks, it seems highly plausible that The College of New Jersey has been a victim of a highly contagious strain of Spring Fever.

It’s spreading fast, and the symptoms are showing up in rather lax work ethics and by transforming wardrobes into what may be appropriate for a toasty Fourth of July weekend. The “Fever,” usually induced by what seems like a never-ending cycle of glorious weather, often brings a fluke of high temperatures and a truckload of smiling student-faces boasting outfits fit for a close-to-the-equator climate.

When Mother Nature flips the switch, the short-lived strain of Spring Fever will be temporarily conquered, resulting in a significant change of weather with students shivering outside in what is basically beachwear. At this point, the mindsets of these young victims return to normal, as they come to the quick realization that it is, indeed, only March. If you’re unsure of the severity of your case of Spring Fever, before consulting a specialist, glance over the style

Don't spring ahead of yourself. (

symptoms below.

Style Symptom # 1

Skin, Skin, Skin

Those suffering from Spring Fever will first have an overwhelming urge to show off their limbs, either arms or legs (or both). Pants are ditched for bikini-bottom inspired shorts and shoulders miraculously come out of a long winter hibernation.

Style Symptom # 2

A missing hemline

Don’t fret. No one stole it. But as temperature ups in numbers, hemlines seem to rise exponentially.

Style Symptom # 3

Feet in March?

All shoes mysteriously disappeared and feet are unveiled to the public. A student suffering from Spring Fever usually eagerly insists on ditching any closed-toed shoe in their closet for a pair of flip-flops. Unless that student is taking a trip to the gym, socks are found to be completely out of the question.

Style Symptom # 4

Colors explode

Students’ ensembles appear to be a multi-colored canvas of pastels, florals and bold printed textiles. Those inflicted with this strain make no sense of a monochromatic outfit.



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