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Five ways to fend off the feared 15

Autumn is the season of falling leaves and falling into routine — you want to start it off right. You’ve just arrived on campus, and in addition to the academic anxieties on your mind, you may be concerned with your physical fitness. You most likely fall into one of two categories: you’ve spent days indoors, studying for your summer class with a big bowl of ice cream by your side, or you have done the season justice and are concerned with maintaining that beach bod. Either way, here are five ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Be active!

Inactivity is the greatest proponent of weight gain and sheer unhealthiness. Whether you fancy the great outdoors or prefer the great indoors, the College really does have options for everyone.

1. For the nature enthusiasts

The College has a built in running track — a 1.9 mile loop around campus. Since our school is nestled between two lakes and a small stretch of forestry, you have the most scenic route for your morning or evening run. If you’re not a seasoned runner, the entire loop may seem a bit intimidating, but be ambitious. Start out small, maybe half of a mile a day, and make running an everyday ritual. You’ll work up to those 1.9 miles in no time.

2. T/W Fitness = Totally worthwhile fitness

If you’re more inclined to engage in fun, theme workouts, then the T/W Fitness Center is for you. Located between Travers and Wolfe Halls,  it offers an assortment of activities that will make you smile while you sweat — a shocking combination, I know. From yoga to booty beat workouts, each is led by a certified instructor and you can find the perfect class for you. The fall schedule is up, so check it out.

3. Don’t pack on the pounds. Head to Packer

Packer Hall houses both the PEC (Physical Enhancement Center) and an aquatic center. The PEC offers free weights, resistance training equipment and cardiovascular equipment. For the sake of convenience, 30-minute reservations need to be made for cardio equipment. Packer also has free personal trainers at your disposal. You can simply sign up at the front desk and receive up to three one-hour sessions. The aquatic center has a great pool, so assign yourself a number of laps to do each day and you’ve got a great cardio workout. The calendar of when there’s open swim is posted on the College’s website.

Get down and dirty with your diet

Along with exercise, you also need to be mindful of what you’re eating. Making these simple changes to your diet can make all the difference.

4. Go topless

Sure, you like to put additional toppings on your meals at Eickhoff to add extra zest, but have you considered the consequences of those extra calories? Forgo the sour cream on your burrito, nix the Parmesan atop your pasta and let your salad be au naturel (no dressing). Furthermore, mayonnaise is not a sandwich must. Ketchup and mustard can be tasty substitute condiments.

5. F comes before G only in the alphabet — Choose grilled over fried

Always go for the grilled items instead of the fried. Frying causes foods to absorb  fat, as opposed to grilling which results in a reduced fat content. If you’re craving chicken, opt for the grilled chicken breast at Eick’s C-Street Grill instead of the chicken tenders at the Lion’s Den and T-Dubs. On that note, try your best to limit your visits to T-Dubs. Late night dining contributes significantly to weight gain and T-Dubs’s infamous odor alone should be indicative of the health concerns it presents.


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