Saturday, July 24, 2021

Ruchi Shah

Elephant in the Room: Cum on, let’s talk about female masturbation

By Ruchi Shah Blogger Various issues of gender inequality have recently been brought into the spotlight resulting in dialogue — yay progress! Such issues include positive...

Elephant in the Room: ‘All About that Bass’ is nothing but treble

By Ruchi Shah Blogger Meghan Trainor may have succeeded in creating her first hit single, but her attempt at creating a body positive anthem falls flat...

Getting fit without ever leaving the desk

By Ruchi Shah Columnist As the semester picks up, you might find yourself spending most of your time studying in the library and missing out on...

The Elephant in the Room: Your Anaconda Don’t

Beyoncé’s VMA performance included a blatant display of her declaration to the feminist cause — “FEMINIST” flashed across the screen behind her. She wasn’t,...

Tips for a healthy year

By Ruchi Shah Columnist All college students can be categorized into one of two groups based on how they’ve spent their last weeks of summer: either...

How to make your sushi a healthy choice

Here are the rules for when ordering sushi.

The Elephant in the Room: The evolution of Beyoncé as a feminist

I want to start out by giving credit where credit is due. Pentatonix, which recently graced our campus with its presence, released a mash-up...

Debunking the myths surrounding HIV and AIDS

Follow the golden rule of sex — play safe or don’t play at all.

How you can do fast food the right way

There is a way to do fast food right — find out how!

The Elephant in the Room: Best and Worst of Female Satires

I already discussed Robin Thicke’s incredibly sexist video in my previous post. Now I want to talk about a video that intended to be...

Breakfast is more than good, it’s needed

Breakfast is a vital component of one's day. Find out why.

Regina Holliday paints for advocacy: Classroom appearance

At first glance, everything about Regina Holliday screams ordinary. She’s a woman of small stature with short brown hair and a kind face. But her bright red jacket with an “A” emblazoned on the back indicates otherwise.

The Elephant in the Room: Naughty Rihanna, Naughty Shakira

Sure, Rihanna and Shakira are hot, but together they do NOT turn me on. I’m talking about their music video, “Can’t Remember to Forget...

Bottoms up: workouts for buns and thighs

When it comes to aspects of our physique, it’s just as Big Sean says — it’s all about that “Ass ass ass ass ass.”

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