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Bottoms up: workouts for buns and thighs

When it comes to aspects of our physique, it’s just as Big Sean says — it’s all about that “Ass ass ass ass ass.” Butt, thighs and hips are areas of the body that many people prioritize toning. A common myth is that getting these parts into shape is next to impossible unless you engage in hours and hours of body-aching exercise. Notice I referred to this notion as a myth. With the right workout routine, this doesn’t have to be such a challenge. This is not to say accomplishing your goal will be as easy as that alluring slice of pie sitting on your counter that you’re tempted to eat. As with all health-related endeavors, the best way to tone your butt, hips and thighs is a combination of diet and exercise. When the option presents itself, be sure to make the right choice — choose fresh fruit and veggies and non-processed grains in favor of processed carbs. Listed below is an array of exercises that will help you get these so-called “trouble areas” into shape.

First on our list is an oldie but a goodie, but with a little twist — squats with weights. Hold the weights in either hand while doing your squats (pick dumbbells that you’re comfortable with —  bigger dumbbells won’t yield better results, and chances are you’ll find yourself cooped up in bed with an injury). Extend your arms with the weights in your hand and assume a squat position. Bring a weight (alternate left, right) down to between your legs each time you do a squat.

Since we started with squats, let me give you another variation: jump squats. The name is pretty self-explanatory — simply jump up with your hands over your head before falling into a squat.

Next on our list is the jumping lunge, yet another take on a classic exercise. Instead of just shifting your feet each time you lunge, jump to fall into the lunge and switch feet every time. To keep your balance, be sure to push with your heels and to not lean your body side to side.

It wouldn’t be fair if I gave you two variations of squats but only one type of lunge, so this exercise is the curtsy lunge. Curtsy lunges are similar to regular lunges, but with a kick. Instead of putting your leg straight back, cross it behind your opposite foot.

Side left lifts are exclusive. They’re mostly for your thighs. Lie down on your side (preferably on a soft yoga mat or cushion of some sort) and lift one leg up then down. This motion is parallel to the blades of a pair of cutting scissors.

A personal favorite of mine is the Superman exercise (I admit my partiality may have something to do with the name). Lie down on your stomach (once again on a comfortable surface), and alternate lifting one leg with the opposite arm. You’ll be flying into shape in no time.

While it’s admirable to strive to be the best version of yourself, keep in mind there are different body types. Your fit physique may not resemble another person’s, but that’s OK! The key to staying healthy is not to overdo it — no extreme is good.


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