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Campus Style: eight essentials for your wardrobe

With these eight essentials, you’ll never dread amswering the ‘What do I wear?’ question again. (Photos from,, and

You’ve just looked in your closet at the 134 articles of clothing hanging up. After 15 minutes of staring blankly into space, you’ve probably decided that although you have enough clothes to fully carpet the floor of a New York City apartment, you still have nothing to wear — what a surprise!

You’ve picked up on the sarcasm. Picking out what to wear isn’t always easy. Some would rather have a root canal than face their dresser drawers.

Not everyone can have Kanye picking out their wardrobe. (We’re jealous, Kim.)

To make this routine less like dental pain, here are the eight things that every college student should own.

Tailor up
You’ve heard this before. Owning a tailored shirt should be the golden rule of clothing style. It’s the building block of many outfits and the perfect piece to dilute a loud, patterned skirt or pant. But do us a favor — add some personality and pizzazz. And don’t go all “Risky Business” on us. There’s a time and a place for wearing a tailored shirt, sunglasses and socks together — just not on campus.

Do dark denim
Worried about getting light denim trends right? Play it safe, kiss the year 1996 goodbye (we have yet to miss it) and kick the faded blue, mom jeans to the curb. Unless you and Justin Timberlake have plans to match, it’s best we keep that door closed. Dark jeans are kind to your figure and have a way of maturing us in the kindest way. This goes for you too, boys.

Put on a baseball hat
…Or a fedora, newsboy cap, what have you! This is a college must. No longer must you adhere to the rules of your homeroom teacher making a stink about wearing a hat in her classroom. It’s the perfect accessory to mask unwashed hair (gross, yes, but it happens) and adds instant sporty qualities to even the most athletically challenged.

Call in a cardigan sweater
Leave some room in your wallet for sweater purchases. While you’re at it, leave some room in the actual sweater. Buy it a little loose for those days when leggings are singing you a sweet, sweet song.

Just a dose of College gear
Embrace it, but don’t kill it. We all go here and while this may come of shock to some, we believe that you go here too. However, go ahead and buy that one TCNJ tee. Just use it sparingly and style it up.

Let’s see the LBD
Here’s where you have some fun. The little black dress has made its mark on so many women’s lives. Let it do the same for you. While a night out on the town in Ewing may not require such an elegant ensemble, it doesn’t mean your closet shouldn’t have it. Stick to a short cocktail dress with a classic cut. Play it down with flats or be bold in heels. If it’s modest enough, you can even use it for an interview.

Strap on your backpack
An overfilled book bag could very well be the cause of chronic back pain, but at least you have your hands free. Text away, Lions!
Don’t carry your books everywhere. It’s a long walk from Hausdoerffer to the Science Complex and doing it with a physics textbook and binder in hand doesn’t make it count as your daily workout. Give it up and buy a sturdy, classic canvas book bag. You’ll have it forever.

Equestrian jazz
A college closet can be complete with the purchase of a pair of leather riding boots. It’s the perfect college shoe for almost any weather.

Hopefully these eight items will aid you in your dressing dilemma.


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