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Haley’s Homemade Sandwiches won’t disappoint

In my mind, the perfect food is none other than the sandwich. The sandwich enables you to put multiple ingredients together along with different condiments, and seal it between two pieces of bread or a roll. Looking for a new sandwich place, I came across Haley’s Homemade Sandwiches.

Haley’s is run by an alum of the College, Monica Haley and her husband Tommy, who is the owner and head chef. It’s located on 1569 Parkway Ave., not far from campus.

“After I graduated I moved to Edison for a few years and then back to Ewing when Tommy and I got married in 2008,” Monica Haley said. “Due to the personal connection we have with the College, we knew we wanted to open Haley’s Homemade Sandwiches in Ewing Township. When Doolittles closed in March, Tommy jumped at the chance to take the location.”

Hayley’s Homemade Sanwiches is run by a College alumnus and has delicious food.

The sandwich specials range from reuben to pork with broccoli rabe and sharp cheddar to turkey cranberry chutney to pretty much anything you can think up. The homemade aspect is truly brought out in Haley’s wide variety of delicious sandwiches.

“I’m self-taught and love to cook,” Tommy Haley said. “I began with the idea that I would open up a sandwich shop serving South Philly style sandwiches like the roast pork with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone. This lead to the concept of making all my dishes in house, from scratch. I wanted to bring quality food with an authentic ‘homemade’ taste to the area.”

I arrived with some knowledge of the menu, so I knew what I wanted to get. I chose the vodka chicken sandwich and the bacon cheeseburger fries. When I realized that the sandwich was $8 and the fries were $5, I thought that was a little too expensive. However, the portions did not disappoint.

The food came out very quickly, which I was very happy about because I was ready to start eating the table. The fries were in an enormous plate and I instantly knew I wouldn’t be able to finish them. The fries were very good. They were soft but had a nice crispness. The cheese was a little bland, but the ground beef and bacon certainly made up for it. Overall, it was a very solid plate of cheese fries, and bringing the leftovers home was a treat.

The vodka chicken sandwich was also monstrous. The chicken was breaded and nice and crunchy with good taste, but what I really liked about it was that it was thin. It didn’t overpower the sandwich. The vodka sauce on it was very tasty. I would have liked to have more on it, but maybe that’s just because I’m a saucy kind of guy. Also on the sandwich were prosciutto and melted provolone. These were key ingredients. The provolone added a nice texture and the prosciutto gave the sandwich extra flavor that was actually somewhat sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience from top to bottom. Haley’s made a great first impression on me, and I plan on returning very soon to try another one of the endless menu items.

“First and foremost taste is number one at Haley’s,” Monica Haley said. “Quality falls right in line when we make our dishes from scratch with the finest and freshest ingredients. Haley’s truly offers food creations like no other place around in a laidback atmosphere.”



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