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Comida deliciosa at Mexican Mariachi Grill

It’s easy to find a great nearby pizza place in order to satisfy those late-night cravings. Finding good Mexican food, on the other hand, is a tad more difficult.

Mexican Mariachi Grill, located just minutes from the College in Ewing, offers a great variety of fantastic, authentic Mexican food. And although Mexican isn’t my favorite type of cuisine, I’d say it was pretty darn good.

In order to sample as much food as possible, I ordered the Mariachi Plate, which includes a medium-sized pork burrito, a chicken tostada, two flauto tacos, a small quesadilla, rice and refried beans. Basically, A LOT of great food.

My friends ordered a large amount of food as well. Between the four of us, we had the Mariachi Plate, a pork burrito, a surf and turf burrito, a chicken torta and a chicken tostada. And all of it was really good.

When I first got my plate, I didn’t even know where to begin — there was so much food. I eventually decided that the cheese quesadilla was a good starting point. I wouldn’t say that it was anything special, but it’s hard to go wrong with a quesadilla.

With large portions, a welcoming atmosphere and delicious food, Mexican Mariachi Grill is great when you’re craving Mexican food.

Next, I decided to devour the pork burrito. Although it was good, there were a lot of beans in it, which I wasn’t expecting. It did, however, beat any burrito that you could find on campus.

The chicken tostada was a little difficult to eat, but it was definitely worth the mess that it created. The chicken to lettuce to bean to cheese to sour cream ratio was perfect.

In addition to the great entrees, Mexican Mariachi Grill offers free chips and salsa with every meal. The chips are unlimited, but you’re only allotted two small cups of salsa per meal. However, since the portions here are so large, all those extra chips aren’t necessary.

Mexican Mariachi Grill also has a very authentic atmosphere, and the workers are very friendly. As soon as we walked in we felt very welcomed.

It was also fairly inexpensive, especially for the amount of food that we got. My meal, which could have easily fed two people, was only $10.

Even though I’m only up for Mexican food every once in a while, I’m pretty sure my friends are planning to make a trip to Mexican Mariachi Grill a weekly tradition.

Amy Reynolds
Managing Editor


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