Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Campus Style

Antoine Lopez, junior international business major and international student from France

Leather boots and a pair of jeans is a great classic look.

Antoine is wearing a navy blue and white-striped v-neck sweater with grey skinny jeans, a camel peacoat with toggle buttons and converses. All of his clothes, except his shoes, are made by French brands.

How do you figure out what you are going to wear?

It’s the first day I’m wearing my winter coat because of the snow. I thought that it was going to be cold today, so I should wear my coat today.

How would you describe your style?

Between casual and classy. Somewhere in the middle. Not sportswear because that’s not me — definitely. Not too casual.

Is there anyone in the media that you really admire for the way that they dress?

That’s an interesting question. No, I like fashion in general. I don’t have a person or a celebrity that I follow.

What’s one trend that you despise?

I am not a big fan of rain boots. I know that it’s very popular here. I understand why they are popular — with the weather. I am not a big fan at all.

What is a trend that you really like?

For winter? Boots. It’s between leather boots or the classic Timberlands.

If you could give advice to the guys around campus, what would you tell them?

Go for the leather boots and a pair of jeans. It works.


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