Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Lohan punches woman, no one is surprised

One time, I got punched in the face by Lindsay Lohan. It was awesome. Do you see where this is going already? Lindsay is once again in the spotlight. The prison spotlight that is.

Our favorite celebrity has decided that she missed the feeling of cold steel around her wrists and chose to give the police another go, for old time’s sake. It has been reported that LiLo punched a woman in the face at a bar called Avenue in NYC, which prompted her arrest. Apparently, gurl thinks she’s Cinderella Man. The story goes like this. Lindsay got it in her head that she will get down and dirty with Max from The Wanted, who were playing a show at Madison Square Garden. But, because she’s Lindsay Lohan, they did not let her backstage. I mean, they couldn’t invite her backstage, SHE WAS ON PROBATION. So naturally, Lindsay just followed the band to a bar when their concert was over. At this point, Lindsay probably would have settled for hooking up with Joey Fatone, but she was still intent on her goal. So when she got a little tipsy and saw Max flirting with a lady who probably didn’t smell like grease, Lindsay got a little angry and all hell broke loose. This just has not been this gal’s week. I know “Liz and Dick” didn’t go exactly as planned, but that doesn’t mean she should try a career in ultimate fighting. *sigh* If only she landed as many jobs as she does punches. Obviously, Lindsay can kiss her probation goodbye. So much for a rejuvenation of her career. First it’s Lifetime, next it’s lifetime in jail. Good move.

Surprisingly, searching for ‘Lindsay Lohan punching someone’ didn’t yield results. (AP Photo)

In other news, Britney Spears and Will.I.Am’s music collaboration finally has a music video, so now not only can our ears bleed, but our eyes too. The music video basically shows Britney and Will.I.Am being cloned repeatedly. Copycats. Dolly the Sheep did that before it was cool. The song and video are nothing new, but of course I’m a sucker for anything Britney related, so I like it. I guess. I mean, Britney was seen holding two flaming disco balls. I think it’s illegal for me NOT to like that. Of course, my favorite part in the song is when Britney says, “It’s Britney, bitch,” which makes me happy because she remembers her name.

Finally in this wrap-up, let’s get a little political. Mitt Romney and President Obama met for a delicious lunch for the first time since Election Day. Unfortunately, Obama did not take Romney to Dave & Buster’s, which I’m sure got Romney upset. But they had chili in the White House.YUM. There’s nothing like a good bowl of chili to quell complicated geopolitical rivalries! It always helps me when I find myself in similar situations. The two talked about American leadership and hoped they could work together. I’m sure Obama smirked and said, “Yeah, work together. Work together showing you the door!” He’s a real funny guy. Regardless, I hope Romney enjoyed his visit. And stole the leftovers.


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