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Metro Grill is a little pricey, but worth it

This past weekend, my family came up to the College for a little visit. So, of course we wanted to go somewhere really good to eat. Although I had never eaten there before, I had heard good reviews about Metro Grill and decided to try it and test it out for myself.

Just a five-minute drive from campus, Metro Grill offers fine cuisine ranging from authentic Italian dishes to chicken and veal.

I decided to play it safe by ordering the angel hair pomodoro; however, my brother and mom ordered the shrimp parmesan while my dad ordered the chicken marsala.

All of the pastas and entrées come with a small side salad and bread with olive oil. And although it’s hard to go wrong with a salad, the balsamic vinaigrette house dressing was delicious and the salad was topped with the perfect amount of tomatoes and cucumbers. Also, I’d like to add that the tomatoes were actual tomatoes cut up into small bits, not those gross cherry tomatoes. There weren’t, however, any croutons, which was a little disappointing.

The food at Metro Grill is tasty, but might be a bit expensive for the average college student. (Amy Reynolds / Features Editor)

Once our entrées arrived and I saw how delicious the shrimp parmesan looked, I convinced my mom to share it with me. And I am so glad she did.

Although the angel hair pomodoro was good, it wasn’t all that exciting of a meal. The shrimp parmesan, on the other hand, was probably one of the most delicious Italian meals I’ve had in a while. The shrimp were prepared perfectly and it was topped with the just-right amount of cheese.

My dad, however, was a bit more critical of his meal. He said that the chicken marsala was good, but it came with an extra side of pasta that did not match the marsala sauce. Therefore, throughout the entire dinner, he complained about the extra food (who complains about extra food?) and said that, because of the mismatched sauces, he prefers the chicken marsala at Olive Garden.

Due to the fact that the restaurant is located in a shopping center, I was initially surprised at how fancy the place was inside. However, I may have also expected Metro Grill to be more casual than it actually was because there’s a Metro Diner near my hometown, so maybe I thought it would be more like that. The restaurant is small and cozy, but it wasn’t very crowded and we felt that we had to whisper the whole time because of how quiet the restaurant was.

In addition, the meals were much more expensive than I had anticipated. In fact, each of our meals ranged from $15 to $22, a little too expensive for your average college student. So, unless you’re going out to dinner with your family who is willing to pay or you’re celebrating a special occasion, I’d choose a cheaper option. There were, however, sandwich options that were about $10 each.

Overall though, Metro Grill provided a very delicious meal and it was a great place to spend time with my family.

Amy Reynolds
Managing Editor


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