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Campus Style: British Invasion

By Heather Hawkes


Brooke Goudie, sophomore international business major & Annabel Davies, sophomore business marketing major

British invasion: Goudie and Davies critique and adapt to U.S. style. (Heather Hawkes / Columnist)

Where are you both from?

Brooke is from Newcastle and I am from Sheffield.

How would you each describe your personal style?

I’d say Annabel’s is more like “AllSaints” style (British retailer). She wears more dark colors and has a classic, chic look. I am more of the preppy type; I like brighter colors and anything with lace.

Are there any particular shops in the US that you like?

Forever 21, that’s kind of like our Primark. We also really like Victoria’s Secret because we don’t have that in England … we recently spent so much money there at the one in N.Y.C.

What are noticeable differences between English and American style?

The casualness. Here, it’s more like block colors whereas in England they dress it up with more textures and patterns. And I’d definitely say that the guys dress so differently.  Back home they’re dressed more formally in boat shoes or dress shoes and play up fashion with mixed textures and colors.

What influences the distinctive fashion in England?

France definitely influences our style. Fur, studs and feathers are all incorporated into the fashion back home.

Have you tried to blend in with the American look, or do you retain your own cultural flair?

Yes, we bought Ugg boots in an attempt to fit in. We also purchased some TCNJ apparel … no one would wear that kind of stuff out in public in England.

What is the one American style that you simply don’t understand?

Timberland boots. My dad wears them … those are to be worn for gardening or construction work, not as a fashion statement. Oh! And trainers (sneakers) with jeans … why would anyone do that?



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