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Chuck’s offers quantity over quality

Now that we’re well into March, it’s safe to say that I am more than excited for warm nights and summer.

And with summer, as everyone knows, comes great barbeque food. Because I’ve been craving summer all week (okay, actually the past three months), I decided to order from a BBQ place that had scattered their take-out menus all across campus: Chuck’s Big Time BBQ.

Now, by the time I decided to order, I had lost the menu that I found in the laundry room on campus, so I was forced to rely on the online menu on I ordered the three-piece southern fried chicken platter, which came with two sides and cornbread, whereas my friend ordered the sloppy BBQ chicken sandwich meal, which came with one side and a drink. For my two sides, I decided to try their spicy fries and macaroni and cheese, while my friend decided to play it safe with cheese fries and an orange soda.

Although every item on the menu sounded delicious, I was most excited about the prices. My meal, listed online, was just $5.25 and my friend’s meal was only $6.

After about a 40 minute wait, our food arrived and we could finally dig in.

When it comes to food from Chuck’s, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. (Amy Reynolds / Managing Editor)

To start, the portions were huge. Rather than just three pieces of chicken, my meal actually came with five. While there were only a few fries, the large amount of mac and cheese made up for that.

Quality, on the other hand, wasn’t that great. None of the food was that warm, the fries were a bit soggy, and my “cornbread” was actually just half of a hoagie roll.

My friend also said that his BBQ chicken sandwich was good, but nothing special, and his cheese fries were also a little limp. On top of that, he received a can of Mountain Dew rather than the orange soda that he ordered.

In addition, the prices online did not match the actual prices. In fact, my friend’s BBQ sandwich meal was $2 more than what was listed online. Also, the three-piece southern chicken platter that I ordered wasn’t even listed on the take-out menu that came with our food, so who knows if it’s actually on the menu.

Although the prices online were cheaper than the actual items, everything on the menu is still pretty well-priced. Most of the sandwich and burger meals are around $7 and all of the large sides are under $4.

I definitely wouldn’t call this a great meal. In fact, I think “very average” suits it pretty well. The prices were good and the portions were large, but other than that, this place doesn’t really have anything going for it.

Chuck’s slogan is “The Best Darned BBQ in Mercer County” and, although you do get a lot of food for your money, I’m sure it’s not difficult to find better BBQ in the area.

Amy Reynolds
Managing Editor


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