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SG recognizes 3 clubs / Stud planning underway

Three student organizations presented to Student Government hoping to gain official recognition on Wednesday, March 6 at the weekly meeting.

The first organization presented, Soka Gakkai International,  would provide a safe place to practice Buddhism on campus.  SG saw potential in the organization for expansion as well as a necessity for this group for students. SGI announced they have four charter members, but have other students who have expressed interest in joining.

TCNJ F.I.R.S.T. (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was the next club that was presented. Student representatives from F.I.R.S.T. wanted to form a College chapter of the organization, which aims to inspire young people with an interest in science and engineering.

The group explained how they differ from other engineering and science organizations on campus through their volunteering projects and outreach service to the community. TCNJ F.I.R.S.T. passed despite some SG members expressing concerns that the organization is too similar to current clubs at the College.

A classical Indian dance club was the last student organization presenting at the meeting. Jiva’s purpose is to promote cultural diversity on campus and can become a competitive dance team.

SG passed all three organizations after a quick vote.

The College will be making renovations to the Brower Student Center, SG executive president Christina Kopka announced, as SG has been advocating for years.

“Really what we want to see is turning the student center into sort of the living room of campus,” Kopka said. “I think right now it’s a little more of just a meeting center. It’s where we come when we have business to take care of. It’s where we come when one of our friends is playing in the Rat, but it really isn’t a place where we all come and just hang out when we have nothing else better to do.”

The College will be undergoing the decennial review in 2015 and has 14 standards to uphold. Preparation for the review will begin, as the process is intensive, according to SG.

Annie Montero, the executive vice president for student services, has been working with the committee for student services to create and promote the 15 Days of Ewing campaign. 15 different local stores and restaurants, possibly including Halo Farms and Yo-licious, will be highlighted and be giving out discounts for the campaign period.

More information about which businesses will be participating will follow.

Patrick Kelly, a senator of business, was recognized as Senator of the Month for February at the meeting.


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