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Asian bistro serves generous portions

Pork fried rice may be a side dish, but it steals the show. (Amy Reynolds / Editor-in-Chief)

Most students at the College have heard of No. 1 China, which is just a five-minute drive from campus. However, few have heard of No 1 Asian Bistro, let alone ventured there and tasted it for themselves. While I love the convenience and deliciousness of No. 1 China (as do Signal editors of the past), I decided to try something new this past weekend. So No 1 Asian Bistro it was.

I ordered from Hamilton this past weekend, so, while it was convenient for me, it may be a little too much of a trek for those of us at the College. Still, it’s only a 12-minute drive from campus, according to Mapquest, and well worth the drive/delivery time. The bang for your buck you get at this restaurant is unsurpassable.

This past Friday, my friend and I found ourselves very hungry with very little food in the house. However, we’re also fairly poor — a predicament that many college students often find themselves in.

We knew we wanted Chinese food, so I turned to my good friend GrubHub and searched “Chinese.” No 1 Asian Bistro was one of the first restaurants that showed up, so I decided to give it a shot. I quickly scrolled through the menu and eventually found a “dinner for two” special. It came with two egg rolls, a quart of your choice of soup (we chose wonton), pork fried rice and two entrées (of which there were about 30 to choose from) — a whole lotta food for just $19.50.

When we ordered the food, we were told that it’d take close to an hour for our food to arrive, but it only took about 20 or 25 minutes. Plus, the delivery man was probably one of the sweetest delivery men I’ve ever encountered — definitely a bonus.

To start, we each took a small portion of each type of food. The first thing I tried was the roast pork with Chinese vegetables. While it wasn’t my favorite part of the meal, I thought the vegetables were fresh and there was a just-right amount of sauce. The other entrée, General Tso’s chicken, could have been a little spicier, but overall I thought it was really good.

My favorite part of the meal, however, was the pork fried rice. Oftentimes, pork fried rice tends to be rather dry, but this rice was perfectly cooked. In fact, it didn’t even need soy sauce, which I’ve grown accustomed to putting on Chinese rice.

The wonton soup and egg rolls were also good, but to me they were just bonuses — they weren’t necessary aspects of the meal.

While the food was delicious and the delivery man was extremely friendly, the best part of the meal was definitely the amount of food you get for your money. The green tea bags they gave us were a nice gesture, too.

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Amy Reynolds
Managing Editor


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