Monday, June 14, 2021

Campus Style

By Jordan Koziol

Perhaps the coolest element of trend forecasting is that it allows us all to become savvy stock traders, navigating our personal, and notably more fashionable, floor of the New York Stock Exchange. We get to predict the looks that will flourish and invest in the pieces to create them. And guess what? If we happen to mess up on our prediction of next season’s coolest outfit, the economy won’t crash, and no one will try to occupy Ewing.

Layer scarves and drapey apparel for boho-chic look. (

If only we could have warned Wall Street about the boho-chic trend that dominated this past summer. Whether it was on the streets, at a music festival or at the beach, there was an influx of high-waisted shorts, flowy maxi skirts and floral-print crop tops throughout the entire season. So to keep this trend on the rise, a prediction of autumn’s spin-off look is called for.

Continue to be inspired by stylish Woodstock, but utilize autumn’s best tactic — layering. Whether you choose to drape your outfit with an oversized patterned scarf, a lightweight sheer kimono or a fringed silk shawl, this elegant accessory will always do the trick.

One part stylish and one part warmth, these up-and-coming shawls and capes allow for creativity on days where “sweater weather” guides wardrobe choices. Not only this, but you’ll get to make a grand exit a few seconds before your draped outfit does, a statement all in itself.

So get inspired by trend forecasting, and help bring this look to campus! This style, worn with personal touches and a bit of confidence, will surely produce a return on your investment.


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