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Campus Style / Classy guys strut their style

Junior finance major Austin Dawson, junior finance major Dave Delooper and junior communication studies major Tyler Miller

What are you wearing?

Three juniors talk modern campus fashion. (Jordan Koziol / Columnist)

AD: An IZOD plaid button-down oxford, a puffy wool vest, dark-wash jeans and burnished leather ankle boots.

DD: An off-white Henley Shirt, Levi slim navy corduroys, brown leather side-zip lace-up boots and a seagull-printed bucket hat.

TM: A red and black Polo flannel, slim dark-wash cuffed jeans and Aston Grey cable wingtip boots.

How do you stylish men know each other?

TM: I met Austin during Welcome Week, but the wolf pack wasn’t complete until Dave transferred from NYU. The rest is history.

AD: Sparks flew when we met. When any immovable object meets an unstoppable force, it’s bound to create friction.

Who influences you?

DD: I take note of different types of people around campus. If you combine a few inspirational looks or pieces that you see on different people, magic happens. Then you just build on it and make it your own. I’m also inspired by my favorite brand, Only NY.

AD: Definitely my friends from home. I grew up with one style and experienced a collision of ideas once I got to college. The culmination resulted in my current style. However, it is duly noted that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication when it comes to wardrobe finesse.

TM: As a 21st century man, I take pride in presenting myself with style and class. I leave my closet as I leave a banquet: neither thirsty nor drunk.

Do you play off of each other’s style?

DD: Absolutely. We borrow each other’s clothes and share accessories, like scarves and bucket hats. We also go to Goodwill together to search for hidden gems in the jungle of clothing. We inspire each other.


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