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Yearly Archives: 2013

Beyoncé runs the world, except for Egypt

Beyoncé can no longer walk like an Egyptian.

Sorority helps TASK in providing food

To the hungry and homeless, the College’s Theta Phi Alpha sorority helped in feeding Trenton residents who are struggling.

The Keystone XL pipeline and its controversies

With the potential to harm people and the environment, some are thinking twice about the massive project.

SFB funds CUB in hopes for Fall Out Boy

SFB proposes options for the spring concert, spring lecture and other upcoming events, with Mexican food failing to make the cut.

New VP and liberal learning bound for success

In this week's SG meeting, the new vice president for student affairs introduces herself while Liberal Learning shows growth in student success.

Five tricks to self-tanning

Our summer tans have come and gone like the leaves on the trees. While indoor tanning is expensive, bad for your health and can get a tad too sweaty, there are other alternatives for those of you itching to have a healthy glow all throughout the holiday season. Gradual tanning lotions are the best way to go.

Gender is more fluid than believed

Transmasculine and queer-identified Liam Oliver Lair debunks the myths about gender and identity.

Shoppers gobble up deals on ‘Gray Thursday’

What Thanksgiving dinner? Retailers open their doors a day before Black Friday to kickoff the holiday shopping season.

Life gives Lemon inspiration and heritage

Lemon Andersen, the Tony Award winning actor, speaks on the identities of Latino-Americans in an ever-changing, modern culture.

‘Wall Street Journal’ editor evolves

Moving off the traditional front page, Paul Steiger discusses the power of his new not-for-profit media outlet, 'ProPublica.'

Campus Style

Stay classy and chic Jackie O.

Shining a light on spirituality

Though secular at a glance, the College's religious and spiritual life has much to offer students.

For elections, SG votes but students don’t

This fall's student government election had a low turnout, but what's the rationale?

Students’ evolutionary misconceptions

Evolution is often touted as the greatest theory in biology. Decades of experiments and observations have consistently supported evolutionary theory. Despite this success, public understanding of evolution is patchy at best and nonexistent at worst.

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