Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Lord Disick always looks dapper. (AP Photo)
Lord Disick always looks dapper. (AP Photo)

If you spent winter break on a lavish island tanning on the beach, in a third-world country volunteering with the less fortunate or getting a head start on spring semester reading, then kudos to you. But if you’re like many of us, you spent break in the dark depths of an addicting universe. In this universe, any and all productivity was hindered by the temptation of the following: “Next episode starting in 12…11…10…”

That’s right. If you, too, were a casualty of Netflix, you understand this paralyzing obsession. However, the upside of an endless TV marathon is endless style inspiration. We asked our friends and family to help nominate the Best Dressed TV Characters, and the results are in:

Blair Waldorf, “Gossip Girl”: Blair Waldorf wrote the book on “well put together.” She struts her flawless style on her Upper East Side runway, dazzling audiences with her preppy and articulate outfits. For students who are still confused by “business casual,” look no further than inspiration by Blair.

Jessa Johansson, “Girls”: In each episode, Jessa confidently expresses her persona through her unique ensembles. Her outfits purvey a sense of, “I am so jaded by everything, but still look fabulous while doing it.” As a world traveler, she has collected her fair share of exotic and vintage pieces in which she fashions effortlessly. To get her look, try local thrift shops. Think billowy tops, flowing skirts, wide-leg trousers and crazy prints.

Olivia Pope, “Scandal”: This brilliant crisis manager has fans nationwide applauding her wardrobe — a combination of smart and feminine pieces. Costume designer Lyn Paolo decided that Pope would figuratively and literally “wear the pants.” The character’s style consists of pantsuits and chic jackets in very basic hues: white, gray, beige and black. Pope is the perfect style icon for the young professional.

Scott Disick, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”: Though he may be arrogant, Scott Disick is undoubtedly a sharp-dressed man. Known for his brave color palette of pinks, lavenders and lime greens, Disick always look stylish in his tailored suits or casual v-necks. Think Vineyard Vines with a twist of sartorial luxury. Gentlemen, take note!

This semester, don’t let the cold weather hinder your style. Get inspired by TV’s best-dressed characters, even if it’s just for an excuse to watch some Netflix.


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