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Valentine’s Day movie ideas


‘Enchanted’ is such a clever movie and it’s a great option for Friday. (AP Photo)
‘Enchanted’ is such a clever movie and it’s a great option for Friday. (AP Photo)

Valentine’s Day is this week. For some, that is amazing news. For others, it’s depressing news. And some just don’t care. Still, it is a holiday, and it should be celebrated in some capacity — even if that means just watching a movie with a good love story with your significant other, a group of friends or by yourself. Here’s a list of movies that would be perfect for this Friday:

“Valentine’s Day.” Duh.

“Leap Year.” Amy Adams and Matthew Goode star in this adorable story about unexpected love. That description sounds like it’s just like any other romantic movie, but it’s actually, really good.

“Enchanted.” This just might be the cutest movie ever, and if you don’t agree, you have no heart.

“Spider-Man.” That kiss. Plus, it’s an awesome movie.

“Warm Bodies.” It’s a zombie movie, a comedy and a love story all rolled into one. What more do you want?

“Say Anything.” Doesn’t everyone want John Cusack standing outside their window with a boombox held over his head? Classic.

“The Notebook.” I don’t think that this list would be considered valid if this movie wasn’t on it.

“The Vow.” You’ve got Channing Tatum for the ladies and Regina George — I mean, Rachel McAdams ­— for the guys. It’s such a good movie and shows what true love really is.

“Endless Love.” There have been so many commercials for this movie, I think it would be wrong of all of us not to go and see it when it comes out this Friday. It’s also from the people who brought us “The Vow,” so it already has that going for it.

Happy watching — whether with someone else or by yourself. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Colleen Murphy


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