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Flappy Bird is removed from online stores

Business Briefs• A few protestors went to the extreme of smashing their iPhones when Apple removed the app, Blockchain, from the App Store. The app is the most popular digital currency wallet for users hoping to transfer the digital currency Bitcoin, according to the Financial Times.

• One of the fastest growing groups entering into entrepreneurship is Americans who are approaching retirement, but still looking to keep busy. 15 percent of all new businesses are started by entrepreneurs that are over the age of 60, according to The New York Times.

• Moody’s Investors Service, a prominent bond rating agency, ranked Puerto Rico’s bonds as junk. The agency cited the territories struggling economy and inability to borrow money as the reason for the change, according to the Financial Times.

• The generation of Americans born in the late 1980s and early 1990s, now being called millennials, are being more proactive about their careers and less likely to spend money on large material purchases. The generation is cautious after growing up in slow economic times, according to CNBC.

• A huge problem facing the 2014 Olympics will not be the sold-out hotels and large crowds, but a lack of spectators. Aside from crowd favorites such as team figure skating and biathlon, the mountain events have had large areas of empty seats, according to the Wall Street Journal.

•  The number of Americans who quit their job increased this past month. This data shows a growing level of confidence in workers since most chose to quit because they are moving to a new job or career and others are simply retiring, according to the Wall Street Journal.

•  Activist investor Karl Icahn has decided to quit his persistent campaign to convince Apple to increase its stock buy-back program. Icahn currently holds $3 billion of Apple stock, according to CNBC.

•  Flappy Bird, the most downloaded mobile game on both the Apple’s App Store and Google’s online stores, was removed from all marketplaces on midnight this past Sunday. The game’s creator announced his decision on Twitter 22 hours before the game was removed, according to CNBC.


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