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From The Roberts: Bracelets of Encouragement

By Raquel Roberts and Samantha Roberts

Accessories are a crucial part of any killer outfit. Whether it be a chunky statement necklace, a head wrap headband, or a set of stacked bracelets, the utilization of accessories in any outfit can completely up your fashion game.

Right now, our favorite accessory is both cheap and chic. Little Words Project, a company founded by TCNJ alumna Adrianna Botti, sells bracelets that have words of encouragement strung in between crystal beads. Wearers of Little Words bracelets are to wear their word of positivity for as long as need be, and then when they feel the time has come, they are to pass on their Little Word to another individual.

Although we adore the bracelets largely because of how dang cute they are, we mostly support the company for its project-based purpose. (Plus we think it’s pretty cool that a TCNJ alumna is the brains behind the movement).

We first spotted the trend on the wrist of senior communication studies major Stefanie Urso. Stefanie’s bracelet has the word ‘dream’ on it. When we asked Stefanie about her choice of bracelet she told us, “It was one of the pre-made bracelet options. But it was perfect. The word was short, light and hopeful. And wearing it on my wrist was the best way to remember to always feel that positivity.”

Both of us Roberts girls are very proud owners of Little Words Project bracelets. Samantha sports a customized bracelet featuring the word ‘serendipity’ on it. She believes that when you least expect it good things come your way. Wearing the word on her wrist is a constant reminder to keep patient, keep calm and remain optimistic.

The Little Words Project bracelets are a complete steal. Not only are they a perfect addition to some arm candy, but they’re also incredibly priced. The bracelets, made of fine-cut crystal beads, are only $18. For any college lady out there living on a budget and still trying to flourish in fashion, we suggest you check out our current favorite trend, the Little Words Project. Bracelets can be purchased at

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