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Grace of grade before probation

Feedback was gathered for the Academic Standing and Dismissal policy at the Student Government general body meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

According to the current policy, “good” academic standing is defined as having a minimum cumulative GPA of 1.75, while having taken between four and eight courses. With 8.25 or more courses, the minimum GPA increases to 2.0.

A student will be placed on Academic Probation if “the student has attempted credits, in letter-graded courses, from more than four to eight courses and has a combined GPA of less than 1.75,” or “the student has attempted credits, in letter-graded courses, more than eight courses and has a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0,” according to the policy.

“We’ve recommended that there be some sort of grace period,” Vice President of Academic Affairs Adam Bonanno said. “If someone is struggling in their classes and then they switch majors, we think they should have a two-semester grace period to bring their grades back up.”

Bonanno added that this possible addition to the policy would affect “students who change majors and attain at least a 2.0 GPA in their first semester of the new major.”

Earlier in the meeting, Mike Chiumento, Senator of Science, asked about the possibility of the College hosting a Scholarship Workshop. It would be similar to a College Fair, but instead of providing information about prospective schools, it would teach students about available scholarships.

“We don’t tend to realize as college students how many scholarships exist for current undergraduates, rather than just incoming college freshmen,” Chiumento said.

Manetas suggested that the workshop could, in addition to showing which scholarships exist, teach students how to better search for scholarships that apply specifically to them.

In addition, Jaimie DeMarco, Senator of Education, announced that “Paint the Campus Purple” is this week, starting at Relay for Life.

She talked about events coming up such as the Piccolo Trattoria fundraiser on Monday, March 3, a Zumba-thon on Tuesday, March 4, and Purple Theme Night at Eickhoff on Thursday, March 5.

DeMarco encourages people to sign up for Relay for Life before Friday, March 7, as the price will double to $20 from the original $10 after the date.


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