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Lovato shows maturity on ‘Neon Lights Tour’

After a successful string of tours and albums, Demi Lovato has developed into a seasoned performer. Her current “Neon Lights Tour” is her most ambitious show yet, for Lovato and music director Nick Jonas have developed a unique set list to feature songs ranging from her first album to her latest musical venture.

Lovato revamps old songs. (AP Photo)
Lovato revamps old songs. (AP Photo)

Lovato took her “Neon Lights Tour” to the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, N.J. on Saturday, March 1, with opening support from Little Mix and Fifth Harmony.

The two girl groups proved to be crowdpleasers, but nothing compared to when Lovato took the stage to sing the opening lines of her hit single “Heart Attack.”

The set continued to take off when she launched into power-anthem “Fire Starter” and throwback “Remember December.”

Lovato commands the stage with such confidence and energy that one would never suspect she had just finished a stint in rehab over a year ago. Lovato has now found peace within herself and her music, admitting her flaws and using them to relate to the audience.

Her high-energy pieces keep the crowd going, but it is when Lovato sits down at the piano and speaks directly to the audience that she really shines. As she normally does, Lovato declared how inspired she is by all of her fans and how grateful she is to be surrounded by so much love.

The most heartwarming part of the show was when she told the crowd to forget about everything they were dealing with and just get lost in the music and the energy of the show. She then began a string of songs that showcased her emotional and vocal range: “Two Pieces,” “Nightingale,” “Warrior” and crowd-favorite “Let It Go.”

Very few artists manage to play with such bombastic passion and energy one minute and channel that power into an emotional performance the next. Lovato has continuously proved that she is a musical force and much more than a typical Disney pop-star.

What was most impressive was her arrangement of her old songs. Through unique musical interludes from her backup band, Lovato transformed songs like “Don’t Forget” into new pieces of music that were entertaining for her oldest and dearest fans.

My only hope for Lovato is that she continues to develop herself as a serious music artist and grows out of her adolescent audience.

She is growing both as a person and a musician, and it is time that her audience is as mature as her.


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