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Flute recital impresses

Gerado Aquino on trumpet and Genna Conti on percussion brought the Mayo Concert Hall to life on Sunday, March 23, with their effortless skill for their Senior Recital.

Aquino kicked off the recital with “Largo and Allegro,” a compelling piece by Giuseppe Tartini, and his strong trumpet notes danced through the concert hall.

“Gray 102” by Colin Tribby was Conti’s first piece and she played its deep, quick notes with such power and ease on the timpani.

Aquino truly displayed his mastery of the trumpet with “Sonate” by Paul Hindemith. Although a difficult piece, “Sonate” was performed by Aquino with steadiness, strength and emotion.

On the vibraphone, Conti demonstrated elegance and talent with “Prelude No. 2” by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Conti’s music echoed through the room, and it was evident she had enchanted her audience with finesse by the powerful applause that followed Conti’s performance.

The stage was filled with an array of instruments for Lou Harrison’s “Song of Quetzalcoatl” played by Conti, Stephani Faljean, Cory Nickerson and Kevin Whitman. Audience members were on the edge of their seats as crystal glasses were chimed and gongs were hit.

Aquino’s final performance was “Carnival of Venice” by Jean-Baptiste Arban and was played with impressive dexterity. Aquino was able to keep up with his composition’s demanding fast pace with a deftness that left the crowd in cheers.

Conti played “With Sunshine in His Face” by Ben Wahlund on marimba and there was no better way to finish off the recital. Conti was agile as she skillfully maneuvered her wrists and arms in a manner that produced beautiful music.

Aquino and Conti put on such a spectacular recital that there was a standing ovation from every member of the audience.



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