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St. Vincent captures a range of moods in album

By Tristan Laferriere

If you happened to catch any recent episodes of Stephen Colbert’s late-night political show, “The Colbert Report,” you may have caught an interview and short performance by singer and songwriter St. Vincent. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of her. Yes, St. Vincent is a she, and from what I’ve found after listening to her latest album, “St. Vincent,” she is without a doubt one of the music industry’s best-kept secrets.

St. Vincent creates unique sounds. (AP Photo)
St. Vincent creates unique sounds. (AP Photo)

St. Vincent has been an active musician since 2003. However, her genres of indie and baroque pop, while mainstream, haven’t received a huge amount of attention. Having said this, the singer and songwriter has a very nice treat for those of you who enjoy artists similar in sound to Arcade Fire or Death Cab for Cutie.

From the album’s first song, “Rattlesnake,” I was immediately drawn to how her voice is quite similar to Lady Gaga’s, only at a softer pitch and a very different type of musical style to go along with it.

This alternative sound is quite different from other female artists of St. Vincent’s genre.

If you enjoy listening to music for the sole purpose of being taken to a different type of universe within the mind, this is the stuff to listen to.

Taking a drive late at night with the windows down and simply wanting to get out of this world would be a good backdrop for tracks such as “Prince Johnny” and “Every Tear Disappears.”

Something that really struck me with St. Vincent’s newest album is that each song sounds different from the others.

I’ve noticed with many current singers and bands that every other track has a similar vibe to it and the overall feeling is literally interchangeable.  This is not the case with “St. Vincent.”

From the first track to the final song, I felt I was listening to a different song writer each time. This singer has a way of setting the mood for the album (in this case, a real mind trip) within the first song and casually gives you a change in feeling as each new song approaches.

Need a good background song for a party? Simply start playing “Bring Me Your Loves.” This track in particular felt like an ’80s dance party, but tweaked with a modernistic approach. Need a nice song to relax to?  Turn up the volume for “Digital Witness.” It’s catchy and fast-paced, but not overwhelming. That’s the best way to explain this album. It simply has a song for every mood.

St. Vincent may not be on the fame line up there with Lady Gaga and Madonna, but if you take elements from both of these singers, throw in some Arcade Fire and Death Cab For Cutie, you’ve got St. Vincent, and I must say she is a real prize for those of you who are looking for something contemporary yet different from everything else that’s out there. Pick “St. Vincent” up. You won’t be disappointed.


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