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‘Side Effects’ lives up to psychological status

A psychological thriller is oftentimes a film that can be very difficult to successfully make. However, when it is done right, this genre is very compelling and interesting. These types of films usually make their audiences have to pay attention to the details and specifics. One of these movies is definitely the film “Side Effects.” The movie, which was directed by Steven Soderbergh, certainly worked to keep its audience thinking and involved and was a successful psychological thriller.

Mara is compelling as Emily Taylor, who battles depression. (AP Photo)
Mara is compelling as Emily Taylor, who battles depression. (AP Photo)

“Side Effects” follows Emily Taylor (Rooney Mara) as she works alongside her psychiatrist Jonathan Banks (Jude Law) to deal with her struggle with depression. Eventually, after the suggestion from her previous psychiatrist, Victoria Sebirt (Catherine Zeta-Jones), Banks prescribes Emily a new antidepressant called Ablixa. Once Emily begins to take the new drug, things seem to be getting better. However, the side effects of the drug completely debunk her recovery. Quickly, “Side Effects” takes a very different direction than I expected and ultimately panned out a serious storyline that kept the audience compelled, attentive and on their toes.

This psychological thriller definitely had a number of strong points. First off, the cast, which included Channing Tatum, was very impressive. Mara especially gave a very captivating and impressive performance. Along with this, the script of “Side Effects” may be the strongest aspect of it. The writer of this film, Scott Burns, certainly understood what must be included in a film such as this one.

As the storyline progressed, the audience is presented with different questions and surprises that keep them very involved. Staying true to the genre that this film is, “Side Effects” did a great job keeping its audience constantly guessing and also surprised with how it progressed.

The subject this film deals with is certainly one that is quite relevant. In recent years, it has become clear how prevalent depression has become in American society. Subsequently, many news stories often cover stories about new antidepressant drugs, their side effects and the drug companies that make them. More often than not, people tend to wonder about the background of certain drugs and the undisclosed information that drug companies may keep. These are all things this movie deals with, which is another reason why I believe its plotline was so strong.

In the end, “Side Effects” definitely presents its audience with not only a strong cast, but also a very strong storyline that keeps its audience guessing. This psychological thriller is definitely worth watching and was just recently added to instant view on Netflix.


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