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From the Roberts: Favorites for Spring

By Raquel Roberts  and Samantha Roberts

While the two of us are obsessed with the spring for its promise of beautiful weather, we mostly love the season for its adorable fashion trends. Spring is the perfect time to experiment with your style, so add some fringe, color or pattern into your wardrobe and see how easy it is to be trendy.

Below, we have compiled a few of our all time favorite spring ensembles (channeling our inner Oprah minus the “everyone gets a car” bit … wouldn’t that be nice?), so keep reading to find out how you can sport one of our favorite trends this season:   

This spring, the two of us are head over heels for bold patterns. In particular, we’re really lovin’ bright tie-dyes and florals.

Pictured above is one of our all time favorite jumpsuits — the Urban Outfitters tie-dye jumpsuit is an outfit all on its own. As it is, we LOVE jumpsuits, but when you add the perfect pattern to the mix? Outfit = flawless.  

Another patterned piece that we adore is this Brandy Melville floral halter. This top is ideal for layering: pair it with a fringe kimono or your favorite high-waisted bottoms for a perfect little outfit.

We also are crazy about this Nasty Gal UNIF I skirt. This piece is fresh, fun and flirty all thanks to its bright colors and funky cut.

If heavy-duty patterns typically aren’t in your comfort zone, then sport a less-bold accessory, such as this Aztec clutch! As you can see, patterned pieces like these can be instrumental in taking any outfit from boring to bold.

After a painfully long winter filled with drab colors, the two of us couldn’t be any more excited to be able to sport some of our all time favorite colorful pieces. The two of us love this Forever 21 dress; not only is its hot pink shade perfect for spring, but the dress is also backless, which makes it super flirty and appropriate for the season. This spring we’re also lovin bright skater skirts. Try on this red one, courtesy of Forever 21, to add some necessary color to your wardrobe.

And what better way to take your outfit from basic to fabulous than by adding bright, bold accessories? Pair your colorful skater skirt with some funky accessories, such as a pair of these ever-so-adorable heart shaped sunglasses. We’re obsessed!! And for those ladies who are more color-reserved, colorful accessories will be your BFF this season. Pair an outfit that has a more neutral pallet with any of the bright accessories above for a much-needed pop of color.

The two of us are forever obsessed with fringe. Add a little bit of fringe to your outfit for a chill, springtime vibe. The both of us absolutely love kimonos, but for extra style, choose the printed kimono with fringe over the latter.

If a fringe kimono doesn’t do the trick for you this season, try this adorable romper with waistline fringing. Rompers are extremely figure flattering and this touch of fringe will give you the all the style brownie points you need.

Another fringe item that the two of us can’t live without is the perfect crossbody bag. We both couldn’t be any more obsessed with this gorgeous fringe bag from Nordstrom. Add this accessory to your adorable springtime ensemble for the perfect finishing touch.

Dress fashionably this season by incorporating bold patterns, bright colors and fringe accents in your style: add one of our favorites to your wardrobe this spring and see how your style flourishes!

From the Roberts


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