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Lions Playlist: End of the semester pick-me-up

By Jhemarr Anderson

Holy Cow! School is almost over and you need a playlist to help get you through the last couple weeks?! There’s a playlist for that!

It’s mid-April and it’s almost time for us to call it a semester. During this time of year, you may find yourself overly stressed out with not a second to spare. Well, for those precious moments when you do have a few moments to catch your breath, here are some awesome songs scientifically proven to uplift and/or inspire you.

“Jenny Was A Friend of Mine” – The Killers

Usually when I’m writing these I like to play the song just to refreshe my memory of it. No need with this one. This happens to be my second-favorite song from my favorite musical act in the WORLD. It’s also the first song you hear from their debut album, “Hot Fuss.” “Jenny Was A Friend of Mine” is about as bold an opening statement an artist can make. That baseline man … killer. Ha!

“She’s A Handsome Woman” – Panic! at the Disco

“She’s A Handsome Woman” is a cut off Panic’s sophomore album, “Pretty.Odd.” I’m not sure what their motivation was for experimenting with their sound or making an album basically paying homage to Sgt. Pepper, but man! It turned out pretty beautifully, if you ask me. If you like this one be sure to check out “Nine in the Afternoon,” “That Green Gentleman,” or “Pas De Cheval” … anyone seen these guys lately? I couldn’t resist.

“Understand” – The Sheer

I honestly couldn’t tell you where these guys are right now … but this song is awesome. Throw this on if you need a little uplifting, or even just something to sing along to.

“Frankenstein” – Tokyo Police Club

This song is delightful. Certain songs you have to be in a certain mood to listen to, and certain songs you can listen to in any circumstance. “Frankenstein” is definitely latter. Tokyo Police Club is like a more indie version of Death Cab for Cutie in my opinion; also Canadian.

“Happy” – Pharell

Okay, I know this song is being GROSSLY overplayed (yes, like Airplanes by B.O.B. and Haley Williams overplayed), but it’s with good reason! It’s a delightful little tune! People say they can’t stand it, but when I hear it I just wanna get up and do the “Carlton.” To each his own

“Say that”  – Toro y Moi

Okay, a little background. Toro y Moi is a pioneer of the “chillwave” movement that started back in 2011. Chillwave is a genre that basically lays simple melodic lines on top of heavy synths, samples and vocals. It definitely has a summer vibe to it — it may take some growing on you but it’s really chill if you can get into it. Try longboarding to it if you’re into that sort of thing.

“Carmencita” – Devendra Banhart

This song proves you don’t need to understand what an artist is saying to find the tune groovy. I also chose it because songs in English are basic.

“No More Running” – Animal Collective

Animal Collective is trippy — there’s no real way around that. But it’s something the band embraces. It’s certainly different, what more could you expect from a psychedelic band, but the melodies and sound effects, and ambient sounds do an excellent job of keeping the listener engaged. Animal Collective’s main goal when making music is to make music that “plays with the listeners ears” so to speak. It’s not traditional, but give it a few listens and you may find you like it.

“Lose Yourself to Dance” – Daft Punk

More brilliance from Pharrell! I don’t think this song got the attention it deserved. “Get Lucky” definitely stole some of it’s thunder; winning a Grammy and all. I thought Lose Yourself to Dance was the best cut off the album personally, but I can’t blame the world for falling in love with “Get Lucky.” Pharrell co-wrote both of them, how funny.

“Marathon Runner” – Yellow Ostrich

“Marathon Runner” is a beautifully-written, beautifully-composed and easily-relatable song. What more can you ask for?


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