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Haunting screenplay adds to ‘Insidious 2’

As a big fan of horror movies, one of my favorite horror movies is definitely “Insidious,” which came out in 2010. Last year, the second installment to this movie was released, appropriately called “Insidious: Chapter 2.”

The sequel continues to follow the Lambert family as they try to figure out how spirits continue to haunt them and why. A number of points from the first film are explained here — a helpful device for fans. Along with the explanation, “Insidious: Chapter 2” delves deeper into the family’s past and explains the occult happenings more than in the previous film.

While I was disappointed when I first heard that a second “Insidious” was going to be made, the film was actually well done. Although I liked the first film a lot more than the second, the sequel has a lot of strong points.

This movie was able to pick up the story line very well and build on it. While the ending of the first film was great, the sequel was able to add on to it and keep the plot very intriguing.

The writing for this film was impressive as well. The writers were able to continue a  story line that I had previously considered to be over and still keep it cohesive and entertaining. 

I was worried that this film was going to just stretch the story too much and ruin it entirely. However, it did not. While this is the case, the writers did leave the film open to the possibility of a third installment, which I think would be too much, possibly ruining the story.

Byrne stars in well-crafted sequel to ‘Insidious.’ (AP Photo)
Byrne stars in well-crafted sequel to ‘Insidious.’ (AP Photo)

Along with this, the entire original cast returned for the sequel, including Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Barbara Hershey and Lin Shaye. This made the film much stronger. The cast was able to fall right back into their characters very well and give strong performances. Patrick Wilson in particular gave an impressive performance as Josh Lambert.

Overall, “Insidious: Chapter 2” was a entertaining and thrilling film that is worth checking out on Netflix. It was able to continue a smart and complex plot line and build upon it successfully.

While I did like the first film more, the sequel remains a surprisingly good horror movie.


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