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Campus Style

By Heather Hawkes & Jordan Koziol

Some days, neon shirts and boisterous patterns totally make the statement you’re looking for, but when all that color gets too loud, try toning it down with an all neutral ensemble.

Contrast summer skin with light neutral tones. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Evan Stinson)
Contrast summer skin with light neutral tones. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Evan Stinson)

 Welcome to fall 2014 where brands such as Zara, Chanel and Free People are all flaunting neutrals as their number one trend of the season. We urge you to check out some of these new collections, but if you’re like most college students on a tight budget, don’t sweat it! This look is extremely easy to replicate on a shoestring budget. 

Camel Couture

Especially after a long summer of soaking up the sun, beige or camel is the perfect color to flaunt your bronze skin. Try a simple beige slip dress under a sheer kimono or taupe cardigan with some cold accent jewelry, strappy sandals, and minimal makeup to finish off the look.

50 Shades of Grey

If you want to take a shot at cooling down the summer heat, try a refreshing shade of blue-grey on your pallet.  A light gray tank with a pair of washed out denim shorts and a blue gray scarf wrapped loosely around your neck or even draped over your shoulders will instantly cool down anyone in need of refreshing. 

Dirty martini

A color that seems to keep returning every season is olive green. Pair an army jacket or oversized olive cardigan with a high-waisted grey midi skirt and crop-top combination and you’ve got yourself a ticket to the runway! 

Final Note: When going for the neutral look, be careful not to over do jewelry or accessories. The basis of this trend is a minimalist style that is perfect for every occasion! 


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