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Comedy show features three diverse acts

By Jonathan Edmondson
Arts & Entertainment Editor 

Kendall Hall was filled with students ready to laugh and eager to see the College Union Board’s “3 For Free Comedy Show,” co-sponsored by Welcome Week Committee and SFB funded, on Thursday, Aug. 28. The show featured Andrew Schulz, Omid Singh and Gina Brillon — comedians on the rise in the entertainment world.

Brillon took the stage first, clad in a black and grey dress and packed with feisty energy. Born in the South Bronx, Brillion is Puerto Rican and has a degree in English. She rolled through her half-hour set with nonstop jokes, ranging from impressions of girls from her hometown to stories about being mugged in New York City.

“All my fun stories happen on the subway,” Brillon said, before describing a vivid scene that involved a drag queen reaching into her purse and stealing her makeup. The description made the audience burst into robust laughter.

The highlight of her set, however, was a story about how much she enjoys food and a hilarious incident at a buffet.

“I love food so much that I get mad when I’m full,” Brillon said. “I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and don’t want my last words to be ‘I could have had a brownie.’”

Brillion performs with high energy. (Michael Cort / Staff Photographer)
Brillion performs with high energy. (Michael Cort / Staff Photographer)

The next comedian to take the stage was Omid Singh, who was seen in the Oscar-winning film “Argo.” Dressed in jeans and a hoodie, Singh had a very unique sense of humor that made for a good counterbalance with Brillion’s fast-paced set.

Born in Dubai, Singh and his family moved to Texas when he was a child. He is a stand-up comedian who is based in Los Angeles and was poking fun at his family background.

Singh told a story of running to catch a subway train and, in order to keep the doors from closing before him, throwing his black gym bag into the car. His plan hilariously failed, and he was convinced that everyone around him thought he was a terrorist.

“It’s safe to say that I’ll only be using taxis now,” Singh said. “I’ll probably meet about seven of my uncles.”

Singh’s set gets major laughs. (Michael Cort / Staff Photographer)
Singh’s set gets major laughs. (Michael Cort / Staff Photographer)

In response to confusion over his race, Singh (who is half Indian and half Iranian) stated that he is far from being a “member of al-Qaeda.”

“The worst that I can do is teach you some yoga and then take you on a magic carpet ride.”

Finally, to close out the show, Andrew Schulz from MTV’s “Guy Code” delivered an entertaining routine that was constructed perfectly for an audience full of excited college students.

“I’m frightened by your campus — there’s too much nature,” Schulz said to open his act, before calling Ewing “Fancy Trenton” and making the audience erupt with laughter.

Schulz, who has been hosting “Guy Code” since season one, was born and raised in New York City. Known for his street-smart humor, Schulz tells it how it is and holds nothing back.

“If you really wanna turn a girl on, send her a picture of you listening,” he joked. His set was filled with antidotes for how guys can win over girls.

“The first college I’ve ever been to was here, and I performed in the Rat,” Schulz said, which was met with a round of thunderous applause. Schulz finished his set with more hilarious stories and tips for guys.

Overall, the night was wildly successful and an entertaining way to kick off the semester.


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