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Lion’s Playlist: Songs to Bring in Fall

By Susan Pereny

You might not be able to see Fall yet (could it be hiding behind Campus Town construction?), but it’s here lurking behind the library café’s stock of pumpkin spice syrup and underneath every girl’s riding boots currently stashed in her closet.  Here are some songs that sound almost as delicious as stepping on those crunchy leaves on the sidewalk.

  1.     Break On Through (To The Other Side) – The Doors

At the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, this song is the perfect way to “break on through” to Fall.

  1.     Good Day Sunshine – The Beatles

The best part of Fall is being able to walk around with a light jacket and enjoying the crisp weather.  Summer’s sun is oppressive, but Autumn sun is inviting and warm.

  1.     Four Winds  – Bright Eyes

Aside from this title, something about this song’s introduction reminds me of orange-leafed branches bustling in the wind.

  1.     Traveling Wilburys  – End Of The Line

Along the same lines as Break On Through, this song is perfect for saying goodbye to the end of Summer.

  1.     Andy, You’re A Star  – The Killers

Something about Fall tends to remind us of high school days involving football games and new lockers.  This song about a high school crush is perfect for that nostalgic feeling.

  1.     Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)  – The Beatles

This tree-themed song is perfect for that first apple-picking trip.

  1.     Sleeping Lessons  – The Shins

For in case you need help adjusting to the new semester’s sleep schedule after a summer of sleeping until 11 AM.

  1.     Scarlet Begonias  – Sublime

This cover, which opens with “not a chill to the weather but a nip to the air” is a great choice for facing that cooler weather that makes both hot chocolate and s’mores perfectly (and deliciously) acceptable.

  1.     Undone (The Sweater Song)  – Weezer

Do I need to explain this song choice? It’s time to break out the flannels, hoodies, and scarves!


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