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Lion’s Playlist: Mid-Semester Struggles

By Susan Pereny

It’s that time of the semester. We’re right before fall break, which means midterms are a’brewin’.  The worst part of midterms is that you don’t get any of those precious finals week reading days so this time of the year can even be worse than the end of our short 15 weeks.  Here are some songs for getting over the slump.  Your very own happy-moment playlist.

You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon

This Graceland number’s first three seconds is enough to lift my spirits.

The Obvious Child – Paul Simon

It’s not cheating if both songs are happy and danceable.  Plus, it’s Paul Simon.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

If you can convince yourself that you’re “having such a good time,” then midterms will be over before you know it.

Get Me Bodied – Beyonce

I’m just going to put this on the record.  Yes, this is my favorite Beyonce song of all time.  Plus, in the extended video she lists and performs a whole slew of dance moves.  Fun for all.

Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

It might impossible to be sad while listening to this song.  Also, if you can decipher the words sang in the beginning without looking it up, you deserve a special award.

A Little Respect – Erasure

What TV show Scrubs once called “a damn virus,” I call the most catchy happy-dance song ever.

Boyz – M.I.A.

This (sometimes grating) song is perfect to wake you up for that late night study session or stress-relieving run.

Something Good Can Work- Two Door Cinema Club

This song is perfect for a few much-needed words of encouragement: “You gotta show the world that something good can work/And it can work for you/ And you know that it will.”


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