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Kim’s Declassified: TCNJ A-Z, Nature Edition

By Kimberly Ilkowski
Review Editor

The latest from Kim’s Declassified College Survival Guide:

Winter at the College makes you wish you never had to leave your room, let alone your super cozy bed. If we’re not being saved with a snow day courtesy of Dave Muha, then we’re mentally preparing ourselves for the ice cold trudge through the snow.

With that being said, while it’s still much above freezing and winter hasn’t taken its icy grip on campus quite just yet, everyone should get out there and explore all the natural wonders the College grounds have to offer, some hot commodities, but others, total secret gems.

If you’ve always got your nose in a book or walk to class with your head down, how are you ever going to see all the beauty around you?

B: Bridge

Directly across the street from the back of Decker and parking garage lies a quaint little bridge that stretches across a tiny stream. The bridge crosses over to a sports field and a lawn of thick grass and foothills. Exploring this backwoods area during the fall will have you walking to the beat of crunching leaves and chirping birds and encountering a family of deer. After being surrounded by small woodland creatures you’re practically a bona fide Snow White.

kims bridge
(Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Ilkowski)

F: Forest of Bamboo

Once bamboo starts growing somewhere not long after does it swallow the area whole. In the time it took you to read this sentence I bet a new bamboo shoot just sprouted. This thick form of vegetation isn’t something you would expect to see in the middle of New Jersey. Located between the back of Townhouses South and West on Metzger Drive and across from the Bonner Garden, this forest provides a serene and beautiful backdrop to your next outdoor homework session.

kims bamboo
(Photo Courtesy Kimberly Ilkowski)

L: Lake Sylva

Situated right across the street from Centennial and Ely, Allen and Brewster Halls, looking out on this picturesque lake will help melt away your stress.

Picnic tables and lush hundred-year-old trees make the surrounding area a calm place to kick back and forget the world for an hour. Why bother with the stuffy library when you can get some fresh air to match your fresh ideas?

kims lake
(Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Ilkowski)

U: U-Shaped Tree

This natural phenomenon has been the ultimate place to take Instagram pictures, if you can find it. Hidden across the street from Norsworthy and directly at the entrance of the powerhouse and other facility buildings, this strangely split tree is something you can’t help but marvel at. Take one pic or a dozen because this environmental wonder is truly a rarity and a special treasure on our campus.

kims u-shaped tree
(Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Ilkowski)


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